Web3’s Unfulfilled Promise: A Chronicle of Disillusionment (A Web3 Poem)

In the promised land of web3, where dreams of decentralization reign,
A tale of woe unfolds, as cracks begin to strain.
The lofty goals of freedom, transparency, and all,
Are met with human flaws, and systems bound to fall.

The DAOs, once heralded, now plagued by bugs and flaws,
Governing bodies falter, as old power structures call.
The NFTs, once prized, now worthless, in a market’s cruel hand,
Value fleeting, as greed and manipulation take their stand.

The Ethereum network creaks, under the weight of gas and fees,
Smart contracts stall, as latency and congestion seize.
The Metaverse, a mirage, where avatars roam in vain,
Empty promises of immersion, as the dream begins to wane.

The blockchain, once lauded, now compromised by hacks and theft,
Immutable ledger, a myth, as private keys are left to shift.
The decentralized dream, a fleeting thought, as centralized power returns,
The cycle of control, as old as time, forever to be learned.

In this web3 dystopia, where innovation is lost,
The promise of a better world, forever to be crossed.
The future’s bleak and dark, as the decentralized heart,
Fails to beat, in perfect time, as the dream falls apart.

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